Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Latest iPhone information

In the past few days after the initial release of the iPhone 3G a number of things have happened:

1. Apple has announced that already in the first three days of sales, over a million iPhones have been sold in the original 21 countries the iPhone 3G was introduced to on Friday (July 11). Apple has also said that around 80,000 of the million 3G iPhones were sold in Australia and that the figure would have been much higher if it wasn't for stock limitations. More shipments of stock are rumoured to be arriving soon but some sources say that it could take as long as 3 weeks for new 3G iPhones to reach Australia.

2. It has become clear that Optus is leading the iPhone sales and has a firm grip on the market. Telstra is believed to be coming second in sales with Vodafone surprisingly struggling to get iPhone customers even though their plans are generally fairer than most of Telstra's outrageously priced plans. The pricing details are primarily what customers are basing their decision of which telecommunications company to choose on, with Optus believed to be winning the market over with decent plans with better pricing packages than it's competitors.

3. Vodafone has announced that it will sell the iPhone on their prepaid service through Dick Smith Electronics. Although stock was momentarily available it is believed to have all gone. The Dick Smith Electronics website states that "Due to overwhelming popularity, our stock for the new Vodafone iPhone is already exhausted. Come in and order today and we will place you in a priority queue." The iPhone will sell for $799 (8GB) and $915 (16GB) on Vodafone prepaid which is slightly more than what you can buy the phone for on Optus prepaid (see pricing details).

4. It is likely that other telecommunications will soon begin to sell the iPhone (like Three rumoured to be starting selling it sometime in August) on plans/prepaid and that the price of the iPhone due to that possible increased competition could come down considerably within weeks.

5. The Australian people have mainly had positive comments on the new iPhone most saying that it is fantastic and well worth the money however some are still annoyed that the iPhone has no video recording (including for video calls), sending MMS (multimedia messages) or the convenience of being able to copy and paste.


Stay tuned for more iPhone updates, news, info and pricing details.

Cheers, Lachlan.


Anonymous said...

I recently bought an iPhone 3G in Australia from Optus (thanks for all your pricing information about the Australian iPhone 3G) and have found it to be my best phone yet.

I just can't wait till iPhone 4G (!!?), lol.

What did you find the iPhone 3G and which Australian provider did you buy it from?

Lachlan (editor) said...


I bought the iPhone from Vodafone (as i was already with them) and have been rather dissapointed with their poor pricing packages. Despite my frustrations i have found the actual iPhone 3G to be everything Apple made it out to be and more!

tony said...

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