Saturday, December 6, 2008

When will Apple bring out a NEW iPhone?

The Apple iPhone 3G is getting old, the "new iPhone 3G" factor has well and truly gone away and I (like a lot of other people, I assume) am left constantly wondering when the heck Apple will release a new iPhone.

Although nobody has any idea when a new iPhone will be brought out (as Apple is very very secret), their are a few factors that suggest to me it could be sooner rather than later, perhaps even only a few months.

First of all, Apple knows that the only way to have a modern, refreshing and interesting brand (or in other words, the only way to make money) is to constantly bring out new products. Apple usually without exception brings out a new iPod or computer model every year; and it has been almost a year since the iPhone 3G was released (July 11). Apple certainly hasn't been doing nothing since then, infact I would not be at all surprised if they were in the final stages of producing a new iPhone at the moment (hopefully a perfect iPhone!!).

So, in summary, I've got a feeling that a new iPhone is just around the corner, but knowing Apple, anything is possible...


If anyone has anything else to say about when they think the next Apple iPhone will be released feel free to comment.

Until next post,\