Tuesday, September 23, 2008

iPhone on Three Network

The Three Network in Australia does not currently (24/9/08) offer the iPhone 3G; however for some existing Three clients or people who have lots of friends on Three, it is the cheapest option for them. To get the iPhone 3G on the Three network in Australia you need to either wait for your plan to end, pay your way out of your plan or buy an iPhone on prepaid and pay an unlocking fee. The latter two are going to be pretty expensive but for some people who prefer/would benefit from the Australian Three Network it may seem worth it.

The Three network offers fairly competitive plans for those with iPhones because Three knows that they need to start grabbing some of the Australian iPhone market before it becomes too used to being restricted with Optus, Virgin, Telstra and Vodafone.

For those who used to be on Three but are now on another network because they wanted an iPhone or who are considering moving away from the Three Network to get an iPhone, it may be worth mentioning that Three may indeed in the future actually end up offering the iPhone; instead of just plans for existing iPhone owners.


reuben said...

I've been with three the last two years, and I recently bought an iphone outright, because i still believe three are the best carrier in AU. It is an expensive phone, but it's better than any that three currently offer.

Anonymous said...

does it work fine on 3 network??

tony said...

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