Monday, November 24, 2008

iPhone Australia Pricing Guide

This post is an updated version of the Australian iPhone 3G Pricing Details post.

Apart from some significant pricing changes, specifically with increased data allowances, Optus appears to be "phasing out" their prepaid iPhone packages. Customers are being told at stores that only "plan iPhones" are in stock (apparently plan and prepaid iPhones are different) and because of these stock problems the iPhone is "unavailable on prepaid at this time".

What makes me think that Optus is phasing their prepaid service out is that they have completely dropped all iPhone prepaid references from their website (although their prepaid options do have data allowances).

Complete pricing information for iPhone 3G (as of Late September 2008):

Sunday, November 23, 2008

iPhone 3G for Business

The iPhone 3G has a number of features that should make it fantastic for business, but in reality the iPhone just doesn't top a blackberry or something similar.

The first reason why the iPhone isn't great for business is because the iPhone 3G's push email isn't nearly as good as what you get with a "proper business phone" (although it is a lot easier to use).

The second reason, is simply battery life. The iPhone 3G barely gets you through a day, as i mentioned in my previous Australian 3G article about iPhone battery life and for business users this just doesn't cut it. Other business phones last two-three times as long using almost the same features.

The third and final reason that i don't think the iPhone is a "proper business phone" is that it just looks too good. Anything dressed up with pretty colours like the iPhone just can't be a decent phone for business.

Sorry for the big delay in posts about the Australian iPhone. I know you are all very keen on getting the latest information, so stay tuned for my next post on the latest iPhone information in Australia!