Sunday, November 23, 2008

iPhone 3G for Business

The iPhone 3G has a number of features that should make it fantastic for business, but in reality the iPhone just doesn't top a blackberry or something similar.

The first reason why the iPhone isn't great for business is because the iPhone 3G's push email isn't nearly as good as what you get with a "proper business phone" (although it is a lot easier to use).

The second reason, is simply battery life. The iPhone 3G barely gets you through a day, as i mentioned in my previous Australian 3G article about iPhone battery life and for business users this just doesn't cut it. Other business phones last two-three times as long using almost the same features.

The third and final reason that i don't think the iPhone is a "proper business phone" is that it just looks too good. Anything dressed up with pretty colours like the iPhone just can't be a decent phone for business.

Sorry for the big delay in posts about the Australian iPhone. I know you are all very keen on getting the latest information, so stay tuned for my next post on the latest iPhone information in Australia!

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