Monday, September 1, 2008

Australian iPhone Accessories

Those of you contemplating buying some iPhone accessories for your PERFECT Australian iPhone 3G perhaps you should stop with the thinking and start getting full use of your iPhone; starting now! Here are some of the best iPhone 3G accessories in terms of cost and benefit.

1. CASE- I think that this is definitely the best thing you can buy for your iPhone. Even if you "never drop your phone" or "don't mind if it gets scratched" i would still say that you are quite silly if you don't buy a case. It is a small price to pay for keeping your iPhone in good condition; do you want a scratched, chipped and partly broken iPhone (after it cost you so much money)? I didn't think so! You have three choices with cases for your iPhone 3G; a plastic hard case, leather case or metal case. In my opinion, plastic cases look pretty cheap and the metal cases just don't "look right" so personally i would go for a leather case, but it is up to you!

2. SCREEN PROTECTOR- OK, so now you probably think i am going too far with protecting your iPhone from damage; but as i said with the case, do you really want a damaged iPhone? Screen protectors do as their name suggests and are easily applied over the screen. When applied properly (without any air bubbles) they will work well for at least six months.

3. CRADLE/DOCK- There is a lot of variation between the features (and price) of different cradles and docks so it is really up to what you want. Some docks just charge your iPhone while others also play music from your iPhone through speakers. Expect to pay 50-800 dollars for a cradle or dock.

4. iPhone travel pack- These packs vary in what they have but most offer a car charger, car holder kit, extra cords and other stuff useful for travel with your iPhone.

5. FM Transmitter- An FM transmitter is sometimes included in an upmarket iPhone travel pack but is usually just bought outright. It allows you to transmit music from your iPhone to your car stereo.


Other accessories include bluetooth headsets, extra batteries, extra cables and armbands.

iPhone accessories may be expensive but isn't it worth getting the most (spending a little bit extra) out of what has already cost you quite a lot of money? I certainly think so!

Cheers, Lachlan.

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