Saturday, July 12, 2008

Australian iPhone Release Details

Australian iPhone release details are now fully available. The iPhone will initially released on July 11 2008 at various times in the morning (6am in some places). It will be available at selected main telecommunications stores of Vodofone, Telstra and Optus across the country.

Depending on iPhone sales and stock of the iPhone in Australia the iPhone could be available at more stores within a few weeks after the initial release. It is unclear how much stock stores have so if you really are an iPhone fan it is suggested that you buy it on the 11th as new shipments of stock could take several weeks to arrive.

The iPhone will be locked to all of the networks offering the phone and won't be able to be bought outright from Apple with no locking as some may have hoped. However it will be able to be bought outright on prepaid (still locked to the network) on at least the Optus network.

All three companies have confirmed that they will offer the phone on a variety of plans/payment packages with Optus the only company to release a full pricing structure before the release.

At the moment it is possible to pre-order an iPhone online if you are prepared to pay a small deposit to secure the amazing device.

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