Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Optus iPhone 3G Pricing Options

1. 'yes' Timeless Plans (29/9/08)

Optus has recently released a new type of pricing option for the iPhone 3G; "Timeless Plans". The idea being that they offer unlimited standard voice calls to any network within Australia (local, national and GSM mobiles) and unlimited standard national text to any network. There are currently three Timeless Plans, the main difference between them being the included data value. I am unsure why Optus made the first plan cheaper than the second, because the first actually offers more data (weird, huh?).

The third plan is probably the best value because for $10-15 more, you get around 2GB of extra data, and if you read the fine print of the plans you get free voicemail retrieval (which unfairly costs extra in the first and second plans).

I am personally very happy that Optus has finally brought out a pricing option that offers real value; compared to some of it's other plans. Obviously to make a plan that offers timeless calls and free text Optus can't make it exactly cheap, so for those who simply can't spend enough each month to go on a Timeless Plan (even though they are great value) then Optus still offers lot's of other pricing options (below).

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2. 'yes' Cap Plans (29/9/08)

The 'yes' Cap Plans give quite a lot of included call/text value but beware of really high, unfair call rates for all of the plans. The included data is generally enough for those who email/surf the web for a few hours a day.

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3. 'yes' Plans (29/9/08)

The 'yes' Plans are similarly structured to the 'yes' Cap Plans (above) except you get a wider range of plans for more budgets and generally more data but less included call value (although the actual call rate per 30 seconds is cheaper which may make up for less call value).

The handset repayments are almost identical to the 'yes' Cap Plans so don't worry about comparing that too much.

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